It's Lovely to Meet You!

Hi, I’m Russell, I’m a proud partner in Ananda Weddings alongside the lovely Karinna - We’re also married - Eight years ago we took the same pathway that you have now chosen

Joining Ananda Weddings full time meant that I turned my lifelong love of photography in to more than a hobby. Even more importantly, it has meant that Karinna and I have been able to work closely together turning our love of weddings into a business where performance is gauged in smiles and compliments

I know my place, Karinna founded Ananda Weddings, and she still calls the shots! She’s the ‘first shooter’ and more than likely the person you’ll be drinking coffee (or Prosecco) with during the planning stage, whilst I take care of the office and camera cleaning duties

Hi there, I'm Karinna and I have been a Photographer for 22 years! My passion for photography developed in Devon, I grew up by the sea and love every drop of it. While most teens were in the pub I was sat watching the sea with my bestie chatting or putting the world to rights, it was natural for me to want to photograph it

I shot my first wedding when I was just 16 and set up on my own in 2006. I love weddings, they are raw, unrefined and unpredictable. Giving people gorgeous photos and capturing the essence of a memory became my life. Couples hire me not just for my photography but also for my personality and experience. I can provide professional guidance as I've experienced all kinds of weird and wonderful weddings

We are a small but perfectly formed team, oh and did we mention that we are married. You’d think that our experience in the wedding business would have given us an advantage planning our big day, not so, it probably made the process of choosing the location, styles, suppliers, even guests harder! And for us, the hardest decision of all was choosing a photographer, it's not as simple as searching for 'wedding photographers near me'! We feel your pain!

We have worked together for well over a decade - we have our wedding strategy down to a fine art

You won't ever forget, but the memories will become more distant with time, we want to help to stop your amazing memories from fading, to keep them firmly alive by recording all of the moments of the day as it unfolds

Our professional wedding photography will create a poignant gallery of images of your day. As you look back and share with friends and family we want to be sure there won’t be a dry eye in the house. We hope you let us in to your lives (just for a while!)

We can’t wait to get started! x

keep reading for some little known facts about us ;)

Fun Facts // //

I have a black belt in kickboxing, who knew?!

Stand back // //

currently obsessed with The Greatest Showman!

Musical geek alert // //

we have an age gap between us, but he is young at heart and I am catching up fast!

Gap Years // //

we finally brought our forever home and are currently making it look like pinterest has been sick on it

House Move // //

we gave up on camping, now caravanning is life, judge if you will

Van Life // //