The Big Day

It's finally here!


I will be with you in plenty of time and will be taking photos of the flowers, dress, jewlery etc as well as the natural moments of the early preparations before leaving for the ceremony.

The ceremony

I will arrive and capture your guests and the groom amongst those anxious moments before the bride arrives, I will chat to the person conducting the ceremony to find out any house rules for me and my team, I will be unobtrusive and keep it casual and relaxed just letting the ceremony unfold naturally. We may do some group shots after the ceremony and arrange a confetti shot if required. During this time we blend into the background shooting fly on the wall so you can relax and be with your guests ( I am sure you will get a few congratulatory hugs and kisses)


Well here we go, the dreaded part of the day, portraits!! Aggghhhh . Well let me tell you now this is not what you may think and no where near as bad as you can imagine it to be. I wont be telling you to look lovingly into each others eyes and kiss but don’t let your lips touch, it’s cringe worthy and I don’t like doing it. I would rather you were just relaxed with each other and we can have a bit of fun. Portraits for me are about you guys just being you, letting your personalities shine through and that will really show in the photos. I will give you some creative direction if you need it and if you feel awkward I can bring out some bad dad jokes to get things moving again. Seriously though all you need to do is chat to each other and know that with photos a little bit of love goes a long way. Hopefully you would have had a pre wedding shoot with me so know what the portraits are all about, all of my couples that book a pre wedding shoot always say they loved it and it helped them to be relaxed in front of the camera on the day.

The reception

Weather you are planning something formal with speeches and a sit down meal or keeping it rustic with a hog roast in the garden we will be there capturing all those candid moments between you and your guests, as you watch the fruits of all your hard work, planning and making unfold I will document each detail and really pick up on the feel for your wedding day. All you need to do is relax, mingle and enjoy yourself.

The evening

However you decide to get the party started, first dance, band, dj I will be there to capture it at it’s fullest. Drinks at the bar, moves on the dance floor etc I will get involved and finish the day with a bang.

After the wedding

You may be going away, you may not, either way you will receive a preview of the wedding ( highlights if you like) Just a few shots to get you in the mood of re living the day in the form of an online gallery for you to view and share with your guests, then once I have finished your photos you will receive a collection of around 500 images in high res format and the printing rights released to you. If you decide to have an album or it is part of your package we can book in another meeting and go through your requirements for that.

Light, Love and People inspire me