How I Work

How I work

A wedding day is just the beginning of your life together as husband and wife but it's also the end of your courting days as lovers. As you venture into the new world of making your family life, however you chose to live it you leave behind the story that got you there.

You won't ever forget but the memories will become more distant with time, I want to help you hold on to those memories and keep them firmly alive by recording little snippits as you live it. I add together a back story, how you met, what you love about each other, your family, friends, the history…..your story.

I bring it all together using photography and film to create a slide show of the main events, with the help of those you love the most, be sure there wont be a dry eye in the room when you sit back and watch your story unfold with the grand finale of your wedding day. Be prepared to let me in to your lives and I am sure we will become friends, I can’t wait to get started.