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It's lovely to meet you

If you have any questions or to book an appointment call: 07855 969188 or email me at karinna@theananda.co.uk

Wondering what it's all going to cost, packages start from £995 going up to £1,995 depending on your requirements.

Have a look at some of my recent weddings, follow their stories and see how it turned out for some of my lovely clients.

What makes me tick

I am a proud mum to three children, they drive me nuts but are the most amazing little humans ever, yes that's them, they are crazy but they are my crazies.

I like to think I lead a healty lifestyle and attempt to keep fit but that doesn’t always happen, my nick name is 'Cakes' because I just love all things cakey so between a rock and a hard place.

I also like a tidy house but that too is a rarity. I was born in the 80’s love nothing more that dancing around the kitchen to cheesy pop while singing at the top of my voice. But my favourite thing is spending time with the family on days out walking on the moors or at the coast creating memories to last. When we can’t get out and about I like nothing more than cooking up a hearty soup or baking a delicious cake, I am a home girl and love my creature comforts, slippers and PJ's are always in fashion!

My passion for photography developed in Devon, I grew up by the sea and love every drop of it, while most teens were in the pub I was sat watching the sea with my bestie chatting an putting the world to rights, It was natural for me to want to photograph it. Photography was with me through school and A levels and after studying it at University, I was hooked. It wasn’t until I started working alongside a local photographer that I found what I loved most, weddings! They were raw, unrefined and very unpredictable. I was using film and medium format then so the stakes were high and I got a buzz from that, giving people gorgeous photos and capturing the essence of a memory became my life. I shot my first wedding when I was just 16 and set up on my own in 2006. Couples hire me not just for my photography but also for my personality and experience. I can provide professional guidance as I've experienced all kinds of weird and wonderful weddings.

Keep reading for some little unknown facts about us ;)

Fun Facts // //

I have a black belt in kickboxing, who knew?!

Stand back // //

Currently obsessed with The Greatest Showman!

Musical geek alert // //

We have a huge age gap between us but he is young at heart and I am catching up

I'm 38 he is 52 // //

We have finally brought our forever home and currently making it look like pinterest has been sick on it

We have recently moved house // //

Gave up on camping years ago and now caravanning is life, judge if you will

We love our caravan // //